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Our Purpose

Formerly known as the Friday Center for Continuing Education, we are UNC-Chapel Hill's central resource for students and University units to get support related to online and flexible learning.

What We Do

Student & Community Programs

We help learners get access to UNC-Chapel Hill classes, programs, and other continuing education.

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Program Development & Administration

Get help with starting or maintaining an online learning experience, whether it’s a degree program, a certificate program, a course, or a noncredit offering.

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Instructional Design & Development

Engage our team of experienced course designers and media developers to create high-quality learning experiences.

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Conference Services

Host your course, program, or event in our IACC-certified venue, or get help with your virtual conference or event.

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Keep Teaching

COVID-19 has challenged our campus community in many ways – not least by forcing a shift to remote instructional tools and methods. DLL has helped lead a collaborative, campus-wide effort to provide resources, consultation, instructional design, course development, and best practices during this transition. We’re proud to have supported development of hundreds of courses and thousands of videos for remote or flexible instruction during 2020, continuing Carolina’s highest standards for research and instruction. In collaboration with the Center for Faculty Excellence, ITS Teaching & Learning, and representatives from a number of other campus academic and service units, DLL has provided training, consultations, and resources, all made available through the Keep Teaching website.

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Featured News

Register for UNC-Chapel Hill’s Online Paralegal Certificate

Whether you’re seeking to become a paralegal or you’re already an established legal professional interested in honing your skills, the online Paralegal Certificate Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can help you reach your goals.
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A loud speaker has the words, "Chat GPT" flowing out.

ChatGPT Resources for UNC Instructors

The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) has assembled a very helpful online resource that provides a starting point for instructors to explore the implications and applications of Generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT and their impacts on teaching at UNC. They will update this page as information and best practices rapidly develop.
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Maymester packs rich experiences into 2 weeks

Instructors use smaller classes and an intense schedule to immerse students in field trips, service learning and deep discussions.
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