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Digital and Lifelong Learning at Carolina aims to:

  • extend UNC-Chapel Hill learning opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access, removing barriers to a great education.
  • improve the quality of education across the entire University, reflecting the new learning imperative: personalized, experiential, adaptable, and entrepreneurial.
  • maximize and share resources across campus in a financially responsible way, efficiently and transparently stewarding University resources.

We work with units to support the development of digital programs and pedagogies, as well as other flexible and nontraditional learning opportunities.

In addition to program leadership and support, our vision is to establish and nurture a faculty-driven Research Hub, spearheading new research and literature on digital, flexible, and lifelong learning and promoting its application to UNC-Chapel Hill programming and pedagogy.

Learn about our commitment to fostering diversity and how it is central to our mission of expanding access to education and promoting lifelong learning.