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BRIDGES Academic Leadership – Fall 2024 Now Accepting Applications!

BRIDGES is an inclusive professional development program dedicated to supporting cisgender or transgender women and nonbinary colleagues in higher education who seek to gain or strengthen their academic leadership capabilities, and/or individuals who demonstrate a commitment to supporting women and gender issues and equity in the academy. It is designed to help participants identify, understand, and build their leadership roles in the academy. Through an intensive program, participants will:

  • develop insights into leadership, with a particular focus on the special skills and attributes unique to leadership roles
  • acquire an understanding of the many facets of colleges and universities
  • build strategic negotiation skills, and
  • create a program of personal and professional development to benefit themselves and their institutions.


Application deadline: May 15, 2024

If you would like to speak with someone about BRIDGES, please contact Annette Madden, Program Director, at (919) 445-4653 or

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