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Professional Education Financial Assistance

Discounts, Scholarships, and Payment Plans

Your program may offer discounts, scholarships, and/or payment plans. Please reference your program’s page for availability and additional details.

Employer Benefits

Some employers offer tuition reimbursement for professional development or continuing education programs. Check directly with your employer to determine availability and eligibility.

Loan Programs

Many financial institutions offer loans to individuals, some of which may be used for continuing education purposes. Digital and Lifelong Learning is able to complete enrollment certification paperwork which may be required by your lender of choice. To ensure timely processing of your registration, please complete your loan application prior to enrolling in your program. If you are using a loan, please note that your enrollment cannot be confirmed until your loan has been approved.

The following list of lenders is not comprehensive. Rather, it is intended as a resource as you begin to explore your options. Please note that Digital and Lifelong Learning does not endorse any of the following loan providers.

Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan

To learn more, visit Sallie Mae’s website. Reference our school branch code: 00297498 (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill – Digital & Lifelong Learning).