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Name Title Email Phone number
Alex Lamperti Special Projects Coordinator 919-962-1124
Alfred Bradsher Assistant Director, Operations and Facility Management
Allana Potts Conference and Event Specialist
Andrew Yarborough Set-up Coordinator
Andy Wells Videographer
Angela Baker Accounting Technician
Annette Madden Program Director: BRIDGES, Center Signature Programs, Enrichment Program 919-445-4653
Austin Gold Associate Director of Conference and Media Services
Bart Smith Media Services Manager
Brett Freese Web Designer
Courtney Jordan-Steele Executive Assistant 919-962-1107
Danielle Watson Conference and Event Specialist
David Elkins Director of Business Operations
Debra Watkins Director, Friday Conference Center
Denys Hannon Operations Coordinator
Derek Just Registration Manager 919-445-0478
Elena Cabrera Cashier
Gigi Dillon Senior Instructional Designer
Hilary Culbertson Director of Marketing and Communications 919-962-1221
Hoyte Lee Associate Director for Credit Programs 919-445-4696
Jack Rodenfels Assistant Director of Marketing
Jess Black Event Coordinator
Jessa Bliss Graphic Designer
Jody Cashion Program Assistant 919-445-4704
Joey Schenkenberg Videographer
Jokya Sanders Assistant Director, Media Services
Kathy Miles-Morgan Program Assistant 919-445-4693
Katie Meersman, PMP Operations Manager
Laura Respess Program Assistant 919-445-4699
Maria Melendez Administrative Support Associate 919-962-1134
Mary Schuler, RN, MSN, EdD, CNE Lead Nurse Planner
Megan Johnson Executive Assistant 919-445-1099
Melissa Solomon Senior Academic Advisor 919-445-4706
Mike Cain Program Director: Nurse Refresher, Primary Care, Paralegal 919-445-4709
Nohemi Ramirez Online Course Manager 919-525-1168
Paul Wolff Instructional Design Manager
Quin Jernigan Instructional Designer
Raphael Ginsberg Associate Director for Correctional Education 919-445-4692
Renee Eaves Accounting Technician
Rob Lucas Instructional Designer
Rondie Clemons Accountant
Todd A. Nicolet, PhD Vice Provost
Toney Gaines Media Services Technician
Tyler Ritter Director/Chief Operating Officer, Instructional Design and Development
Ying Liu Associate Director for Assessment and Evaluation 919-962-0510