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Nurse uses Accelerated RN Refresher Program to Advance Career, Provide Respite to Colleagues and Patients

Can you tell us a little about your experience as a part of this program? What did you find most valuable? 

I completed the theory portion of the program at home during my spare time. The most helpful portion of the theory course was getting my mind reset to thinking about medicine again.

The most valuable portion of the program was the clinical experience.


What is your job like? How does your role fit into your larger organization?

I accepted a job as an RN at a cancer center. After my orientation I will be administering chemo and other infusions to hematology/oncology patients. It is part of a large outpatient center that sees several hundred patients a day. I am excited for a fast-paced, highly specialized job as a nurse. The culture and atmosphere here is that of teamwork, pride in ourselves and our organization, and respect for every person we work with and care for.


What has been the most meaningful experience you’ve had during your career as an RN?

While I have had many meaningful experiences as an RN, the most meaningful one involved advocating for a woman who had been in the hospital for several months after a sinus infection had caused her to go septic. There were so many doctors, specialists, and other people involved in her case, and no one was in charge of coordinating her care. She and her husband were weary of the time in the hospital and the lack of cohesiveness in her care. I facilitated a shift in getting the team to step back and work together to achieve the goals that the patient herself wanted. In the end, she was able to leave the hospital with a functional and appropriate plan. She returned several months later to thank me, and I hardly recognized her because she was doing so well. I have not forgotten her to this day!


What are your hopes for the future?  

My hopes for the future involve a much deeper sense of responsibility and personal attachment to my work than I had when I left 10 years ago. I truly want to ease the burden of my patients. I also want to ease the burden of the very tired nurses all around me. COVID-19 has left no one untouched. I hope that I can help bring some relief to my workplace.

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