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Enrollment for Non-degree Studies

To enroll as a non-degree student, you must submit an application by the deadline.
A nonrefundable application fee of $80 is required with all applications except applications for readmission (after priority deadlines, a $25 late fee will be added the $80 application fee).


These deadlines apply for students whose admission is administered by Digital and Lifelong Learning: non-degree seeking graduate students, and Post-baccalaureate Pre-Health applicants.

Please note that signing up for a class involves 3 steps:

  1. Application (deadlines below)
  2. Course registration (The University Registrar determines when registration windows open. You can log into ConnectCarolina to view your registration time.)
  3. Payment (If you are a University or Hospital employee using a Tuition Waiver, please work through the tuition waiver program administrator, UNC-Chapel Hill Benefits.)


Admission Begins:

Summer I & II, and Fall 2024 – March 1, 2024

Application Deadline:

Summer I 2024 – May 9, 2024
Summer II 2024- June 18, 2024
Fall 2024 – July 20, 2024



New Applicants

You are considered to be a new applicant if:

  • you have never completed a class for credit at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • you have previously completed a class for credit at UNC-Chapel Hill but have had a three-year or longer break in your enrollment. (In this instance, your academic record will be reviewed in determining your status for admission.)
  • you have completed a degree at UNC-Chapel Hill, and are now newly applying as a non-degree student.

If you are a new applicant who does not have a bachelor’s degree, you are considered to be a new undergraduate applicant. 

If you do have a bachelor’s degree, you are considered to be a new postbaccalaureate applicant (transcripts and GRE scores are not required). If you have completed the requirements for an undergraduate degree from an institution other than UNC-Chapel Hill but have not yet graduated  at the time of your application, you must provide verification of your impending degree (on school letterhead) from your school dean or registrar’s office. Your application will not be processed until we receive this information.


Readmission Applicants

You are considered to be a readmission applicant if you have completed a class or classes at UNC-Chapel Hill as a non-degree student during the past three years but not during the preceding fall or spring semester.

If you are a postbaccalaureate applicant applying for readmission, apply using the online application form with no application fee. If you are an undergraduate student, you must reapply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (see below for the application process).

Note: When a student doesn’t enroll in a spring or fall semester (considered mandatory enrollment terms for students), the University Registrar discontinues all students if they have not enrolled in a course after the census date. The university does not have a way to reactive these students until they apply for readmission.


UNC-Chapel Hill Employees

The application fee and tuition are waived if you are a permanent employee of UNC-Chapel Hill who works 30 or more hours per week, within the limits allowed by the tuition waiver policy. Tuition (but not the application fee) is waived if you are a permanent employee of UNC Hospitals who works 30 or more hours per week. If you are an employee, you must forward a copy of your UNC One Card. The late fee is not waived if you submit your application after the deadline.

Please note that enrolling as a non-degree student and submitting your tuition waiver form are two separate processes, administered by two different UNC-Chapel Hill units. You should first  apply to be a non-degree student, then separately complete your tuition waiver form and submit to Benefits for approval and processing.



The application process varies according to your status:

  • If you are a new undergraduate applicant, apply online using the online application form (see How to Apply).
  • If you are a new postbaccalaureate applicant or readmission applicant, apply using the online application form. To begin your application, you must create an account.



If you claim to be a North Carolina resident for tuition purposes, you must fill out an additional form. Learn more.