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Academic Eligibility for Part-time & Non-degree Students

Maintaining Eligibility

Part-time Degree-seeking Undergraduates

Please visit for information about eligibility.

Non-degree Undergraduates

This category includes:

  • High school students
  • Students enrolled in self-paced courses
  • Students enrolled via UNC Online
  • Any other non-degree student who has not earned an undergraduate degree from any institution
Good Standing Students with a cumulative UNC-Chapel Hill grade-point average of 2.000 or higher.
Alert Students who began an enrolled term in Good Standing and whose cumulative UNC-Chapel Hill grade-point average falls below 2.000 at the end of the term.
Ineligible Students who began an enrolled term with a status of Alert and who do not raise their cumulative UNC-Chapel Hill grade-point average to 2.000 or higher at the end of the term.

Non-degree undergraduate students who intend to apply to a degree program at Carolina in the future should take care to understand the implications of academic eligibility. Classes taken while enrolled as a non-degree student will remain on the student’s transcript permanently.

For further information regarding academic eligibility, contact the academic advisor for Part-time Classroom Studies.

Non-degree Graduate Students

Non-degree graduate students enrolled in graduate-level courses are not eligible to continue under the following circumstances:

  • Earning a single grade of F/F*
  • Earning cumulative grades of L in 9 or more hours of graduate-level coursework
  • Temporary grades of IN and AB convert to an F after one year

Restoring Eligibility

Non-degree students may submit an appeal to the Friday Center Appeals Board. Please meet with the Academic Advisor before appealing to learn more about the process and better understand what type of appeal you should submit.