The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers a wide variety of Continuing Education offerings, providing opportunities for learners to achieve professional advancement, experience personal enrichment, and meet other important educational goals. Conducted in a range of formats – on campus, at numerous other locations throughout North Carolina and beyond, as well as by means of distance learning, these activities reflect the depth of the University’s missions in teaching and public service.

Digital and Lifelong Learning (formerly The Friday Center for Continuing Education) is the central administrative unit for the University’s continuing education offerings, and every year we collect and analyze data about the programs administered by us as well as all other continuing and professional education at UNC-Chapel Hill.

For continuing education offered by academic departments in the health sciences, a distinction is made between offerings that are sponsored by the Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) and those that are not, since AHEC sponsorship is an important consideration for continuing education programming in the field of health sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Course Type Examples

Face to Face: Traditional classroom, round table discussion, hands-on workshops, participatory training, etc.

Distance: Correspondence, video conference, MOOC, etc.

Other/Combination of Formats: Film screening, poster presentation, international study trips, etc.

CEU participants

Request a transcript for your official record of CEU activities.

Records include all CEU activities sponsored by a UNC-Chapel Hill department. The individual CEU transcript contains all activities attended along with contact hours and CEU values. Copies of the CEU transcript are free of charge.

CEU administrators

If you are a UNC-Chapel Hill administrator charged with approving CEU credits, click to enter the CEU Approval portal.