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An image of a smiling young woman with long black hair, and a banner that reads "Paralegal Registration for Fall 2024 is open."

Register now for the Fall 2024 Paralegal Certificate Program!

The Fall 2024 cohort is full.

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A brick building flocked by green trees on either side.

Education School Launches Online Doctorate in Leadership

Education School Launches Online Doctora … Read more

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A group of women dressed primarily in purple for a group photo outside of a brown building

Congratulations to BRIDGES Class of 2023!

Congratulations to the 2023 class of BRIDGES Academic Leadership!

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School of Data Science and Society Announces Online Master of Applied Data Science

In May 2023, the UNC Board of Governors approved the master of applied data science (MADS), the first degree program offered by the UNC School of Data Science and Society.

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BRIDGES Academic Leadership Fall 2023 Program

BRIDGES is an inclusive professional development program for cisgender or transgender women and nonbinary colleagues in higher education who seek to gain or strengthen their academic leadership capabilities, and/or individuals who demonstrate a commitment to supporting women and gender issues and equity in the academy.

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Operational Excellence Initiative to Improve Credit-Bearing Certificate Administration

Digital and Lifelong Learning is excited to collaborate with UNC’s Operational Excellence team and the Graduate School on a Credit Bearing Certificates project.

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