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Miguel Jackson presents at NC AHEC 50th Anniversary Meeting

by Aidan Peacock

On December 7th in Winston-Salem, NC AHEC (North Carolina Area Health Education Centers) began their three-day state-wide meeting to celebrate their 50th Anniversary after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the important discussion topics of the meeting include diversity, equity, and inclusion and plans for future action, health system workforce challenges, and understanding change management tools that can be utilized in the constantly changing environment of healthcare. During the Communications segment of the event, Miguel Jackson, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications for Digital and Lifelong Learning, was invited to present a lecture on multi-generational audiences and how to design and maintain strategic planning for social media channels.  

Jackson’s lecture focused on Multi-Generational Marketing Theory coupled with the principles of Strategic Planning, which, in short, argues that consumer needs change with life stages, and therefore consumer engagement can be influenced by campaigns that reflect generational values. According to Jackson, each generation interacts with organizations online in a unique way, and this divide means that mission-driven organizations may face some challenges in reaching their objectives in the marketing sphere. He notes that “understanding generational differences can help mission-driven organizations cultivate community connections and achieve organizational goals,” and in referring to Digital and Lifelong Learning, “[the department] markets to a wide range of multi-generational audiences, so it’s important for us to carefully consider our strategies. We are simultaneously garnering engagement across the generational audiences while also helping a wide range of people meet their educational goals.”

Check out Miguel Jackson’s full presentation here: Multi-generational Audiences and Social Media Planning

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