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DLL Statement in Support of Nikole Hannah-Jones

At its core, our work serves some of the most disenfranchised students at the University – nontraditional students like adult learners, veterans, and students in prison. Through Carolina’s online and flexible programs, our call is to increase access to UNC-Chapel Hill for citizens across the state. This work is impossible without a diversity of perspectives among our University’s faculty, staff, and students. To truly seek Light and Liberty, we must value and respect all voices. We must welcome and engage with new ideas and ways of thinking.  We must create space to explore, experiment, disagree, and collaborate as we build knowledge together, rather than attempting to hide or dismiss what we find challenging.

We believe that the decision to defer and delay consideration of tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones has already had a chilling effect on students’ and scholars’ desire to join our community. We must correct this quickly with clear action. The recommendation for tenure should be heard, and the Board should follow the guidance of academic experts who have fully assessed and recommended tenure for Nikole Hannah-Jones, an incredibly accomplished, Pulitzer Prize winning, MacArthur Genius Grant awarded journalist and scholar. We endorse the call to action of the statement released by the Carolina Black Caucus, and close with their words:

“As the oldest public institution in this country, our institution’s charge is to be bold and lead change to improve society.”

The DLL Leadership Team
Todd Nicolet, Vice Provost for Digital and Lifelong Learning
Hilary Culbertson, Director of Marketing and Communications
David Elkins, Director of Business Operations
Alexandra Lamperti, Managing Director
Jennifer Larson, Interim Director of Credit Programs
Ying Liu, Associate Director for Assessment and Evaluation
Tyler Ritter, Director of Digital Learning Design & Development
Debra Watkins, Director of the Friday Conference Center


CATEGORIES Lifelong Learning

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